National Rounds Malaysia

We are delighted to inform you that LAWASIA together with the Bar Council is organising the National Rounds of the 12th LAWASIA International Moot Competition.

The National Rounds will be held on Saturday, 29th July 2017 and Sunday,30th July 2017 and will take place at the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration ("KLRCA"). The KLRCA has been a significant supporter of the LAWASIA Moot Competition and has been our moot venue sponsor since 2009. This collaboration has allowed students to moot in state of the art facilities, which is a first in its time. Further, in 2012, for the first time ever and due to the tireless efforts of the Professor Datuk Sundra Rajoo, the Director of KLRCA, the KLRCA Rules was used in the LAWASIA International Moot Competition. The LAWASIA Moot Standing Committee acknowledges the tremendous impact and role which Professor Datuk Sundra Rajoo has played in his role in transforming Malaysia into a regional and international arbitration hub and also to instill upon and familiarise arbitration amongst the future generation of Malaysian lawyers.

Whilst we are not unaware that some Universities or Colleges might feel that their students are somewhat disadvantaged by the topic of the Moot Problem, LAWASIA nonetheless feels that as in legal practice lawyers have to be adaptive and versatile in researching the law. The importance of inculcating amongst law students the ability to face challenges and indeed the tenacity to accept life's lot is an important aspect of the training of a young lawyer.

"Winning is not final and losing is never fatal"; Sir Winston Churchill so eloquently expresses his thoughts and perspectives of winning and losing in those simple yet profound words. We believe that all participating students will leave the competition as winners, enriched by the experience, prepared for what is to come and embolden to reach out to the stars; for it is not failure itself that destroys mankind but the inability to accept defeat with grace, strength of character and the lack of moral fiber that causes the collapse of civilisations.

It is with those thoughts in mind that LAWASIA together with the Bar Council extends this invitation to you to join us in this endeavor by sending a Moot team to participate in the National Rounds of the 12th LAWASIA International Moot Competition. We very much look forward to your team's participation.


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